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People in the U.S.
are addicted to opioids
opioid users died from
overdose in 2017
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Bright New Beginnings, providing Opioid Addiction Treatment across Louisville, KY. Substance abuse or dependence on prescription narcotics and a spiraling, out-of-control lifestyle has brought you and your loved ones to a crossroads. You’ve come here because you are finally ready to take back control and regain the joy of living free from pain and addiction. Today, you’re ready for a new beginning… and we’re here to help you succeed on that journey. Welcome to Bright New Beginnings.


Bright New Beginnings offers professional holistic treatment for individuals facing drug and alcohol dependency. We specialize in tailored therapeutic treatment for opioid addiction. Our approach is to provide customized, evidence-based Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), combined with counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy to nurture transformational change. Our treatment environment offers a soothing, spa-like atmosphere where patients can escape stress and anxiety and be surrounded by understanding, non-judgmental treatment specialists.


The Bright New Beginnings treatment program is directed by one of the area's few Board-Certified physicians trained in ethical and effective medication-assisted treatment. We have served the Louisville community for over a decade and have assisted hundreds of people in regaining their former healthy lives, free from the shackles of addiction. Our evidence-based practice provides treatments that are proven medically safe and effective by research studies. We do not issue one-size-fits-all prescriptions for every patient but rather create custom holistic programs to treat the whole person and their unique medical and life circumstances.


Successful treatment for drug addiction starts with an understanding relationship and grows through mutual trust. An important part of gaining that trust is respect for your personal privacy. Bright New Beginnings is committed to client confidentiality and protection of your personal information. To ensure confidentiality, we are a private pay-only practice and do not accept Medicaid or other insurance. All records and personal files remain inside this office. We are an ideal program for working professionals and anyone desiring discretion.


Why Bright New Beginnings

Your recovery can start as soon as you contact the addiction specialists at Bright New Beginnings. If you are suffering from a dependency or trying to help a loved one find an answer contact us right now. You don’t have to be hostage to addiction any longer. It’s time to be free again.