Addiction Medical Practice in Louisville, KY

What to expect

When you come to Bright New Beginnings your new life starts now.

The Beginning of a New life

Addiction is nothing for which you should be ashamed. It is a disease that no one chooses. Last year, over 20 million Americans were in need of treatment for a substance use disorder. But only a small fraction of those people actually sought help. You are not alone in your struggle, but you are indeed special because you are here now to start getting your life back together.

From the first moment you contact Bright New Beginnings you will realize we care about you, getting you well, and giving you back the promise of a better future. We do not judge. We do not care what brought you here. We only want to help you succeed at escaping the bonds of addiction and provide you with a plan to remain free forever. When you come to Bright New Beginnings your new life starts now.

Trust is a Must


Effective, life-lasting treatment for your addiction relies on a strong relationship between you and your Bright New Beginnings professionals. You have to believe in the skills and experience of the physicians and clinicians who plan and administer your treatment. And they have to trust in your honesty and willingness to cooperate and follow-through.

From your first visit, you’ll feel you are with people who understand you and your condition. You’ll believe they have the right experience to help you get through your battle with substance abuse. And you’ll know your life will change from that day forward.

No one can cure your addiction. But our evidence-based medicine-assisted treatment, counseling, and lifelong plan gives you the absolute best chance to take back your life. For good.


Bright New Beginnings does not look or feel like a clinic, dispensary or hospital venue. That’s because we are not any of those things. Our office is your private, stress-free escape from your everyday routine. 


We utilize soft lighting, soothing music and aromatherapy to provide a spa-like setting for your treatment visits. We guard your privacy and devote our full attention to serving you, your family and your needs.

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