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When you contact Bright New Beginnings the first thing we do is assess where you are in life. If together we determine you are now physically and mentally ready to leave the “grind” and painful world of opiate use behind, we warmly welcome you to the beginning of your new life.

An in-office consultation will gather your complete medical and substance use history and determine if you are in active withdrawal. Our clinical staff will then begin tailoring a program designed to help you safely through medical detoxification and into an individualized treatment prescription.

The Bright New Beginnings program has been proven effective at helping people escape the grip of opioid addiction. But the success of any lasting recovery depends on trust in the relationship and your commitment to change your life. For good. When you are ready to leave addiction and all its pain behind, we will be here to put you on the path to a brighter future.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an approach effectively used to treat addictive disorders. Our team will work with you to help you recognize the negative thinking that drives your addiction behavior. Together you will find ways to replace unhealthy thoughts with positive actions. You will learn skills to help you manage the triggers of your substance abuse with techniques for recognizing, avoiding and coping.


Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is a method used to help patients find the internal motivation necessary to change harmful behavior. The technique, sometimes called motivational interviewing, is a process where patient and treatment team work together in a trusting relationship to develop and express empathy and positive thinking.


Addiction doesn’t just affect the abuser. Sometimes it is constructive to include family or other supporters in a group therapy session. Relationships and your surrounding environment all have impact on the causes and persistence of your addiction and in your recovery. The trained medical professionals at Bright New Beginnings facilitate healthy discussions to uncover and resolve contributing issues.


Even though Bright New Beginnings can help end your drug dependency and put you on the path to sobriety, addiction is still a lifelong disease. Relapse is always a possibility. But it doesn’t mean you have failed, or the program did not work. Sometimes things change and the symptoms of your disease reappear. We provide you with the tools you need to manage stress, cravings and the triggers for your addiction, yet adjustments can always be made. 

Our customized treatment plans are designed to be long-term and take into account ever-changing factors like work-related stress, family problems, mental health disorders, and physical pain that can trigger new urges. With Bright New Beginnings your new life starts now… and our pledge of support never ends.

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